Internship : FIR agency : PDX

As I progress in my education at Portland State University, I've been lucky to have been accepted into the Fir program which is led by my Creative Strategy instructor. The clients I have been assigned to are the Portland Police Department with a focus on human trafficking as well as Greyhound and their attempt to acquire funding for future contributors and support.

So far, our progress has been moving along as we get to know each other as a team and address our clients' needs. 

The human trafficking campaign is so important to me and my fellow students and we have been putting in hours upon hours of conceptualizing and refining our approach. Greyhound is moving along as we await our progress meeting with the client. We have locked down a photographer for a calendar as a supplementary fundraising approach for greyhound adoption to support the brand campaign. We have a tremendously talented photographer on board and are super excited to get the logistics of distribution nailed down. 

I'm thrilled to develop some comps and rough drafts for our clients and hope the excitement is shared as soon as we share our concepts. 

I will be adding the goodies we've worked our butts off on and the entirety of each campaign to my portfolio as soon as we flesh out the details and launch ideas to the clients. 



Check us out:

HUMP! | PDX | 2015

The Hump! Film Fest is back in town and I will be shooting a portion of the event this Friday. 

Stay tuned for fest-goers, booths, portraits, and lots of dildos. Our friends at Clone-A-Willy are sponsoring the event among others and will be working closely with the Mercury to host a fabulous and freaky evening.


Test Shoot | Solestruck | Alex Mertz (NYC)

I had the awesome opportunity to assist and help style a studio shoot featuring a variety of designers via Solestruck at Nemo Design in Southeast Portland with Brooklyn photographer, Alex Mertz

After wrangling an array of modular foam blocks and shapes, pebbles, fishing line, and non-traditional backdrops, a shotgun test shoot was on its way. Here are the results of shooting, selecting, editing, and finally the chance for me to execute my first mock-up of a magazine spread. This is very new to me and I am gradually learning the ins and outs of Illustrator so bear with the novice imperfections.